Training Programmes

  1. Leadership Development Programmes
  2. Individual Competency Development
  3. Establishing|Stabilising|Re-defining…
  4. General Awareness Programmes (GAP)
  5. Soft Skill Development Programmes
  6. Competency Development Programmes
  7. Other Important Programmes

1.Leadership Development Programmes

For All Employees

  • Integration of business and HR strategies.
  • Fast track leadership development: Duration: 9 to 12 months; content designed based on the specific business necessities of the organization.
  • Management development: Duration: 12 to 18 months; content designed based on the specific long-term requirements of the organization.
  • Developing mentors and coaches by establishing and stabilizing the processes of mentoring and coaching.
  • Developing internal trainers through ‘train the trainer’ workshops.
  • Being a good corporate citizen (awareness of CSR activities).

For Senior Management

  • Business strategy workshop;
  • Balanced Scorecard and goal-setting;
  • Train the trainers workshop;
  • Workshop on 360Degree Feedback;
  • Mentor development workshop;
  • Management Development Programme: (Duration: 12 to 18 months, Content: based on the specific needs of the organization);
  • Fast Track Leadership Development Programme: (Duration: 9 to 12 months, Content: based on the specific needs of the organization).


2.Individual Competency Development

  • Business etiquette.
  • Personal effectiveness of young employees.
  • Development of emerging managers.
  • Role transition for young managers.
  • Train the technical trainers.
  • Advanced business presentation.
  • Effective written business communication.
  • Planning, prioritization and time management.
  • We also design other need based soft-skill development programmes...


3.Establishing | Stabilising | Re-defining…

  • Work cultures (understanding company vision, mission, values, code of conduct, unwritten traditions / practise etc.).
  • Measurable goal-setting, Balanced Score Card and review mechanisms.
  • Establishing and stabilizing performance development process.
  • Understanding performance appraisal process – workshop for appraisees.
  • Conducting a meaningful appraisal – workshop for appraisers and reviewers.
  • Implementing 360o feedback process – a leadership development initiative.
  • Policy formulations and deployment.


4.General Awareness Programmes (GAP) (All Employees)

  • Company orientation: Values, Vision, Mission etc. Quiz: Do you know your company? (DYKYC)
  • Performance development process:
    • Understanding the long-term and short-term goals / expectations from the employees of the organization;
    • Bringing alignment between the company goals, team goals and individual goals of all employees;
    • Effective goal-setting / KRA setting, mid-term and annual review of employee performance;
    • Performance: feedback, feedforward and development.
  • Service orientation: Strengthening internal and external customer service culture of the organization.
  • Workshop on ‘The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013’
    • Information on the Act for protection of women;
    • What is Sexual Harassment as per the Act?
    • Company policy guidelines;
    • Internal complaints committee at all the offices;
    • Grievance redressal process;
    • Responsibility of employer;
    • Redressal procedure;
    • Punishment.


5.Soft Skill Development Programmes (Junior Management)

  • Enhancing personal effectiveness of young individuals;
  • International Business Etiquette;
  • Effective Written Business Communication;
  • Effective Business Presentation;
  • Accelerating development of emerging managers;
  • Customer Orientation;
  • Planning, Prioritization and Time Management;
  • Workshop on Performance Development Process (for all Appraisees)


6.Competency Development Programmes (Middle Management)

  • Advanced Business Presentation;
  • Advanced Written Business Communication;
  • Train the Technical Trainers;
  • Team Building Programme (Outbound - based on games);
  • Mentoring to fast track managers;
  • Workshop for understanding mentoring process (For mentees);
  • Workshop on Performance Development Process (for all Appraisers).


7.Other Important Programmes

  • Strengthening internal and external service culture.
  • Employer’s responsibilities / generating awareness among employees / implications of ‘The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013’
  • Employee satisfaction / engagement surveys.
  • Strengthening employee communication;
  • Employer brand building in educational institutes.
  • Conducting HR audits.